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Uniting what’s next in traffic

Yutraffic (Global brand “Yunex Traffic”) enables transport authorities and mobility operators in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area (GBA) to make city-wide road network and traffic management intelligent.

With our long-standing experience in transportation, cutting-edge technology know-how, local competence, and global brand “Yunex Traffic“ portfolio, we constantly develope locally-made smart and sustainable mobility solutions not only to shape Hong Kong to become a smart city, but also to increase the availability of infrastructure, to optimize throughput, and to improve quality of life.

Liantang tunnel traffic management

The supplies of traffic control and monitoring systems for the twin-bore Liantang tunnel in Hong Kong enable a safe and efficient traffic flow

Traffic Data Analytics System

As a part of Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint, foresighted data analytics not only enhances city’s traffic efficiency and management, but also creates a smarter and sustainable Hong Kong

Improve Traffic Flows in real-time

Pilot Real-time Adaptive Traffic Signal Systems installed at several sites across Hong Kong help improve traffic flows in real-time by optimizing the most opimum green time for both motorists and pedestrians

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